CHELSEA — Chelsea School has announced its first trimester honor roll for the 2011-12 school year.

EIGHTH GRADE — High honors: Emma Begin, Kendra Burgess, Asia Dibenedetti, Anna Brannigan and Connor Perry.

Honors: Ethan Dodge, Ryan Fitzgerald, Ashley Gilboy, Stephanie Soyring, Bret Sproul, Tyler Sproul, Hailey Taker, Kasidy Turgeon and Skyler Watson.

SEVENTH GRADE — Honors: Joseph Crochere, Katleyn Hustus, Sarah McKay and Ross Young.

SIXTH GRADE — High honors: Cassie DiBenedetti.

Honors: Morgan Burgess, Scotty Charles, Grace Kimball, Trey Lawrence, Alex Logan, Sierra Millay, Briana Nichols and Morgan Young.

FIFTH GRADE — High honors: Grace Begin, Sarah Curtis and Kailey Roberts.

Honors: Gabrielle Benson, Alixx Canwell, Brandon Carter, Jonathan Condon, Alexis Everett, Hunter Harrington, Todd McKay, Izabella Milbury, Kayla Searles, Crystal White, Jacob Wright and Olivia Young.