If I go to the shopping center or go downtown to have a coffee, I know my picture has been taken many times. Is privacy in America gone? Let’s take a look.

I can go online to see what my house looks like from above and on street level. It doesn’t make me feel good to know that my backyard swimming pool with its 10-foot-high privacy fence is not private at all.

In 2010, a school in Pennsylvania gave laptops to students. The students and parents were not told that the web cameras on the laptops could be run remotely, and, in fact, the school was doing just that.

In 2010, Onstar Corp. was caught monitoring users in vehicles even though users had discontinued the Onstar service.

In 2010, Facebook was caught tracking users of its service without consent. Oops!

In 2011, we found out that everyone who uses a cellphone, no matter what company it was from, had tracking software built in to it with no way of shutting it down.

I find my privacy today has all but been taken away from me. I cannot expect any kind of privacy outside my home and, even more frightening, maybe not even inside my home.

I don’t like my world today. If I want people to know what I am doing, I will tell them. I don’t like my founding fathers’ Constitution manipulated so it is powerless. I don’t like sneaks, creeps and deviants keeping tabs on me.

What has become of us?

Amercia and it’s people have become weak and spineless.

I cannot rely on anyone to tell me the truth about anything today.

We should all be ashamed.

Mark Pantermoller, Fairfield

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