After listening to many news reports, I am miffed that we cannot make this country a place to live that is good for all.

I called information on my phone and received a phone number for a local business. I asked the woman where she was geographically located; she said the Philippines.

No wonder we have people out of work in America. This is not caused by the average hard-working people who survive in the USA.

This is caused by the overpaid federal government. When a business cannot pay its bills, it is not correct to cut back only the lower-paid people like is happening in our country.

The leaders must take responsibility and reduce their benefits and payroll.

Everyone is going to have to pay to get this country back where it needs to be, but it is wrong for politicians to get filthy rich and live in that lifestyle forever.

Who voted for federal government employees to receive lifetime benefits, and who voted for their last raise? Does anyone recall voting for the benefits and wages of the federal government employees?

By the way, they are supposed to work for us, do as we direct them, not run our lives and make people’s lives uncomfortable.

My suggestion is that all people earning more than $1 million per year should pay more taxes. The federal government, however, should control the inequity that exists with imports and jobs that the federal government creates. Federal officials should serve their terms and then go get a real job like the rest of us.

Top government employees should have to reduce their expenses, not only the average people.

We all best give attention to our government; it’s giving our money away to foreigners in other countries.

Peter Redman


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