Can it be that we are faced with another presidential primary? Oh, woe is me!

A well-known evangelical leader (and author) Francis Schaeffer has asked, “Where has the faith community (evangelical, etc.) been for the last 40 years?”

I don’t think they have been at the voting booth because secular forces in the United States have taken over. Because Bible-believing Christians have not exercised their civic duty, New England, once the very epicenter of religious fervor, is now the most anti-religious.

So, what we get is a president with socialist leanings who wants to make the U.S. like the morally and fiscally failing Europe.

Our president, like former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Zapatero, encourages greater access to divorce, easy access to abortion, gay marriage, etc.

Why do socialists push these anti-Christian initiatives? Because the socialists in America came from Karl Marx, who hated Christianity.

Bible-believing Christians should make their voices heard before our country goes completely under.

Elaine B. Graham


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