A recent article indicated that the Farmingdale Board of Selectmen is considering a revision of the town’s firearms ordinance that would further restrict the use of muzzle-loading firearms east of the Maine Turnpike.

The change was triggered by a complaint by a Russell Street resident “that someone has been firing a black-powdered weapon toward his house while target practicing.”

I believe this complaint should have been investigated by law enforcement personnel. State law makes it unlawful to discharge any firearm within 100 yards of a dwelling. Certainly, it is unwise to be shooting in the direction of buildings or where people may be without an adequate backstop or earthen barrier.

I hunt on my son’s 18-acre property in this area and am always cognizant of where there are buildings, roads and people. We have recently posted this land to access by permission only because we want to know who is out there.

Perhaps Farmingdale should consider an ordinance similar to Gardiner’s that restricts the discharge of firearms in heavily built up areas, but allows shooting in more heavily wooded sections instead of specifying what type of guns may be used. Additionally, the discharge of firearms could be prohibited on any property without the shooter having in their possession a signed and dated permit from the landowner that is updated annually.

Any ordinance is only good if it is enforced.

David O. Locke

South Gardiner

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