I just read the article, “GOP says no to cuts” (Jan. 4).

I guess it’s more important to worry about murals and giving jobs to relatives than to worry about the elderly and people with disabilities.

And I have heard nothing about cuts to jails or prisons. I bet the people who are incarcerated eat better than the elderly and people with disabilities. It seems the only ones who don’t have to worry are people who are incarcerated.

Some countries chop off the hand of a person who steals. I bet they don’t steal again. In other countries, people in prisons get one meal a day (maybe).

If the cuts Gov. Paul LePage is proposing include turning down the thermostat, cutting down on meals and stopping all entertainment for people in prison, that’s good.

If a person commits a crime and goes to jail, they should get one sandwich for breakfast, one for lunch and one for supper. That is all we should have to pay for.

We should stop putting so many of our tax dollars into the prisons. Punishment should not be watching TV, playing pool or eating better than the people you committed a crime against.

They sit in jail, warm with full bellies, while our elderly and people with disabilities sit in cold rooms, wondering where their next meal will come from. What’s wrong with this picture?

Rita Welcome, Madison

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