I just heard a news report about how the unemployment rate is dropping; the number of jobs created in December increased.

In my opinion, using the word “created” is a misnomer. It allows the Republicans to define the argument that corporations “create” jobs and supports their argument that increased tax breaks to corporations will create more jobs.

Corporations do not “create” jobs; they are an economic response to an increased demand for goods and services. Getting more money into the hands of the middle class, who spend it, creates demand and job availability is the logical result.

I believe a more accurate way to report on the increase in jobs is to say, “More jobs became available to meet the demand for goods and services from a more affluent middle class.”

The decline in unemployment simply shows that President Barack Obama’s economic policies of letting the middle class keep more of the money they earn is working.

I often have heard the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act referred to as “Obamacare,” even by some people who supporting the act.

This is another example of letting the Republicans define the argument. “Obamacare” is a derisive term coined by those who would prefer not to have health care costs “forced” onto those who do not want it.

Since we as a nation are not going to let people die because they do not have health insurance, the Republican position means they would prefer that the federal government be “forced” to care for seriously ill people who choose not to have health insurance.

What happened to the conservative ideal of people taking care of themselves without a government handout?

Tom Waddell, Litchfield

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