Maine Citizens for Clean Energy is collecting signatures for a November ballot initiative aimed at requiring at least 20 percent of Maine’s electricity come from new renewable energy sources by 2020.

I’m all for “clean energy.” Who isn’t? I’m also for truth, justice and the American way.

Truth: Creating a mandate for 20 percent “new renewables” will cause the price of electricity to rise for every Maine citizen and every Maine business.

Don’t be misled by the initiative’s wording — this is about wind. No other “new renewable” is poised to fulfill such a large mandate in such a short period of time.

Justice: A mandate is a law. If a law causes the average citizen economic, physical or emotional distress in order to give the advantage to a for-profit corporation, is that fair and ethical? Is it just?

The American way: Fairness. Freedom. A free market. America became great and powerful — and American citizens became world leaders — because of those tenets.


Our markets are manipulated and regulated; one sector of our economy has an advantage because it has more money and more influence over lawmakers, and our legislators pass laws that satisfy their political donors instead of their constituents.

We have deviated from the well-thought-out course our forefathers laid out for us when designing our Constitution.

This ballot initiative was designed for one purpose — to solidify the position of power which the wind industry has enjoyed since 2008, when it was given preferred status over all other energy sources — even those that are far less expensive and far more reliable.

Mainers should study Maine’s Wind Energy Plan, consult unbiased sources and make an informed decision when voting in November. This extremely important issue deserves our full attention.

Karen Bessey Pease

Lexington Township

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