I was greatly disappointed to read the editorial, “Legislators need to reveal links to funded businesses” on Jan. 8, that implied that there was some kind of loophole by which Goold Health Systems won state of Maine contracts during Joe Bruno’s time as CEO.

I have been with this company for 10 1/2 years, and nothing could be further from the truth.

It is inaccurate to suggest that Bruno used his influence in the Legislature to provide government contracts to Goold Health Systems. As a business leader and pharmacist, Bruno was an advocate for common sense health care management practices and was transparent about his employment relationships.

Bruno left this company nearly eight years ago. Since then, we have continued to grow and doubled in size with work across the nation.

If your paper, the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting or anyone else thinks there is a “loophole” concerning disclosure that needs to be closed, then convince the Legislature to enact such legislation, but don’t condemn current and former quality public officials such as Joe Brannigan, Brenda Harvey, Arthur Lerman, Bruno and others based on your perception of a problem. Maine is better than that.

GHS has been a proud partner of the state of Maine and other clients for more than 37 years, providing health care management in a productive and transparent way for our clients. One example: By maximizing the pharmacy benefit, we have helped to save the state hundreds of millions of dollars in Medicaid costs over the years.

The 200-plus Goold employees take their responsibilities seriously and it is inaccurate and unfair to suggest an impropriety without factual basis.

Jim Clair, CEO

Goold Health Systems


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