Those resolutions many of us made at the start of the new year seem to be disappearing and life once again is becoming busy, stressful and, at times, overwhelming.

I often have wondered if this happens because the resolution was, in fact, not so important to us in the first place? Lose 10 pounds, buy fewer clothes, eat out less, etc.

On the flip side, I talk to people daily and hear how their promise to do more volunteer work, give more time to the ones in need, spend that extra hour a day with their families, get back to the churches they used to attend each Sunday and live a more simple life.

Have somewhere in this crazy world of uneasy, economic downfall, and communication only through electronic means, we all have decided if it is time to bring life back to the basics?

No matter what is going on in our personal life, one gets a certain joy from doing for others. I will never give up on the belief that we all have good inside, we all want good for each other, and we all have the ability to shine.

I hope 2012 continues to bring the “good” out in us all.

Pam Natole


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