In reference to an article I read in the Morning Sentinel on Jan. 11, “Winslow delays changes to names of five streets,” I don’t think changing street names is the answer.

New street names won’t straighten out a serious error that happened on Marie Street in Winslow. I don’t think the two streets (Marie and Murray) sound anywhere near the same.

This problem occurred because someone in state government wanted to eliminate too many dispatch centers. If this call had come into the Waterville communications center, as in the past, this problem might not have happened.

A dispatcher 25 miles away is not familiar with streets out of his or her district. I’ve been in law enforcement since 1961, and I don’t recall something like this ever happening.

Give Waterville back its own dispatch center, and the chances of this type of error happening again will be slim to none.

Gerald Giroux

Former deputy, reserve officer

Winslow Police Department

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