“Much-needed marijuana dispensary opens in Hallowell” should have been the headline on the front page of the Morning Sentinel on Jan. 11, not “Pot shop opens in Hallowell.”

My brother was diagnosed with cancer in 2008, and he was given six to eight weeks to live. Within a few weeks, it was difficult for him to eat. He was nauseous and had no interest in food.

Doctors and nurses suggested marijuana might help. I had no idea where to get any. I was calling friends who were calling friends, and I finally found some. It was degrading for me to have to find some back-alley drug dealer to help my brother.

Within 15 minutes of smoking some marijuana, he wanted to eat. He was opening the cabinets looking for things to eat. I cried.

I had a total of six months with my brother. I truly believe he got the additional time because of the marijuana, which enabled him to eat.

I appreciate that the people of the state of Maine voted for and made these dispensaries happen. Shame on the newspaper for making it sound as if a crack house just opened.

Brenda Bean Dufour


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