Many of Maine’s towns are trying to figure out what to do with their small school buildings after the school closes.

Palmyra is one such town. The former school was turned into the community center, with five rooms rented to a daycare, and other events held during the year.

The town lost money last year and has no prospects that it can sustain itself without taxpayer money being used. In response, a petition was started to have an article placed in the town warrant to close and sell the former school.

The petition was started because most of the selectmen want to keep the school, and the citizens want the article placed on the town warrant as written.

At town meeting last year, it was voted that the town office could not move until the community center was 70 percent self-sustainable. This has not happened, and, with an economy like we have now, small towns cannot afford to spend money on things they don’t need.

Galen Knight


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