I believe this is a subject that needs to have as much attention drawn to it as possible.

I work with people with mental health problems and mental retardation. I have been watching and reading what Gov. Paul LePage has been trying to plan for upcoming budget cuts. I want to know why LePage is targeting those who physically or mentally cannot apply for a job? Why doesn’t he go after these individuals who are living on TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families).

I am disgusted about the decisions LePage has made.

I work and care for four individuals who are disabled. What will happen to them when budgets get cut? How about we stop supporting parents receiving TANF, people who want to sit home and Facebook all day. Instead, we should think about what we are doing to people such as those I care for six days a week.

I am writing on behalf of those I support, and also on the behalf of myself since I depend on my job to support my own children. I will not depend on welfare, and I think others need to become more independent, instead of dependent. Take TANF away, so that people with disabilities can live worry-free.

Amy Delesline


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