Who says that public-sector employees are entitled to career jobs, market-based pay raises, competitive benefits packages and a generous retirement program?

Maybe in good financial times, the people would be willing to give whatever is necessary to attract and keep good employees in essential positions, but now is not that time.

It is likely that hundreds of out-of-work or underemployed citizens would be willing to accept each and every county position at its current or even reduced pay rates.

The people who fund county positions are struggling trying to keep their jobs, pay their bills or find work.

We are suffering crushing increases in local, state and federal taxes. We are trying to cope with runaway food and energy costs, while our own paychecks are stagnant or diminishing. We have watched our retirement savings disappear, and our home equities cut in half.

All around the world, the excesses of bloated governments are taking their toll on the economy and citizenry. The costs and interference of our governments have destroyed our ability to support it and ourselves. Our governments are collapsing under their own weight.

Our only choice is to reduce the burden of government, not increase it. Leadership at all levels of government need to realize this and make changes in the right direction before the people are forced to do it for them.

John Field


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