I urge people not to be bullied by the developers of the natural gas pipeline.

If Kennebec Valley Gas depends upon the TIF to get the financing, then they don’t have business to support the project.

There are oil and propane businesses in the area that have spent big money to get their businesses up and running without a TIF, so why should we give this company help?

I don’t object to the gas pipeline, but the markup on natural gas is much more than oil or propane, and, when it becomes more popular, the commodities market will be manipulate the price and we will pay as much, if not more, for natural gas as compared to oil or propane.

Energy prices will not go down until we get them off the commodities market. Supply and demand should determine the prices, not a bunch of paper pushers on Wall Street.

I predict that Kennebec Valley Gas will build the gas line regardless of whether they get the TIF.

Jim Tracy


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