Recently, my two 18-year-old daughters and I conducted an experiment. I had found a document online comparing the original eight Republican presidential candidates’ positions on nine major categories.

The matrix can be found online at

Granted, this analysis is not all-encompassing. For example, it does not address debate skills, and there are other categories to consider. I believe it to be a good tool, however, for those wanting to do such a comparison.

We assigned numerical values of 0 through 5 to each question, based upon how much we agreed/disagreed with the candidates’ positions, with 5 being most in favor and 0 being most against. It took me about 40 minutes to complete the exercise.

It was most interesting that all three of us favored the same top three candidates. Further, one of my daughters and I discovered Rick Santorum as a clear favorite. My other daughter placed Santorum third, close behind the top two and a great distance ahead of the last three current contenders.

When we excitedly approached my wife with our findings, however, she coolly replied, “I could’ve told you to choose him!” Such is life in my house.

Greg Paquet


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