Have you noticed that lately the newscasts always seem the same, everyday?

We lead off with today’s credit union/retailer/pharmacy/bank robbery by a perp in a “dark hoodie,” no weapon displayed. From here we go to the requisite story about “bath salts.” Then we go to a story of some DA’s (pick one) justification of his guilty plea deal that successfully put some criminal in jail for like a day and a half for some felonious behavior. Are these related somehow?

Now some national news about how inept the Republican candidates are, followed by the latest failings in the war that’s not a war, and finally a report on how great President Barack Obama’s family vacations are going.

Now we’re ready for the real stuff, i.e. an “exposé” about how the Republicans are obstructing everything in Washington and not compromising in order to “work for the American People,” which is a euphemism for raising the national debt and sending out more welfare. Be sure to watch out for those digs against the 1 percenters.

Back to local news.

Just in case you’re not totally convinced yet that you have an imbecile for governor, now comes the latest “report” about how he wants to take benefits away from Granny, or your unwed daughter’s children and other of “Maine’s most vulnerable,” starve everyone and pollute all of Maine’s waters.


Oh, and let’s not forget those Republicans that are helping him, all for the “evil rich.”

Not to worry, we’re ending our broadcast with an uplifting story about some cat/dog/wild animal rescued from some tree/flagpole/frozen lake. Feel better?

I’m not sure what this says about me, the news or society, but is it really time for me to “take a look at this,” every time?

Greg Theriault


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