The director of the Maine State Housing Authority has no boss. The director gets appointed by the governor (the current MSHA director was appointed by Baldacci) and then essentially answers to no one. The governor can’t fire the director, the Board of Commissioners at MSHA can’t fire the director and the operations and direction of Maine Housing are guided solely by the director and their handpicked administration.

This kind of limited accountability has no place in government. We recently saw a similar type of problem with the Maine Turnpike Authority, because they had very limited oversight from the Legislature. It’s time for a change. Maine Housing Authority needs to be held accountable for how they handle taxpayer dollars.

Recently, it’s been discovered that MSHA has given out thousand dollar bonuses and they have been spending almost $300,000 on one-unit apartment buildings. Now, there have also been reports of MSHA having a taste for luxury travel and political contributions. It’s time that Maine Housing had some real accountability.

Dwinal Wood


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