How many oil spills have there been recently? BP in Alaska again. This happened in July. BP is one disaster after another. We Americans are paying the price, more than four dollars for diesel. We are footing the bills for BP’s disasters. Of course Haliburton is getting its cut, too. Along with one of the richest men on the planet (Dick VP Cheney). Guess you could say he “madeoff.” I suppose it is time for a rant! Has anyone in their right mind actually asked why does a pipeline have to be built for thousands of miles? Why can’t a refinery be built close to the oil? If the studies are true, this pipeline will pass over a reservoir of fresh water the size of the Great Lakes. Clean water is vital. Why take a chance of polluting it with pipes that will leak? If it is a border issue, build a refinery on both sides, share the cost and share the profits. It will take years to build, creating thousands of jobs and create hundreds of permanent jobs. Maintaining these refineries is a long-term job solution. And it is a very sound investment. Doing this will save millions of acres of land. Protect vital drinking water and put thousands of people to work. And the U.S. and Canada can continue to be civil neighbors. An excellent example for the rest of the world to follow.

Ed Morris


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