BANGOR — A Madison man was sentenced in federal court Friday to six months in prison on three counts of postal money order fraud for incidents that happened in 2006.

The man, Steven Ovid Dumont, 30, must first complete the remainder of another sentence on state burglary and theft charges and probation revocations before federal officials can take him into custody, Assistant U.S. Attorney James McCarthy said. Dumont is serving time on the state charges at the Maine Correction Center in Windham and is scheduled to complete the term in May or June 2013.

“Then he will either go into federal custody to serve the sentence that was imposed today, or he’ll go into Pennsylvania state custody,” McCarthy said. “I don’t know which of the two will happen first.”

Authorities in Pennsylvania put a hold on Dumont for charges in that state, including escape in 2010 from a correctional facility while out on a work detail.

Dumont’s lawyer, Joseph Bethony of Bangor, declined to comment on the case.

Dumont pleaded guilty to forgery and false presentation of a money order in August. The total amount from three stolen money orders was $485. The postal money orders, which came from the Detroit post office, were cashed in Pittsfield and Newport in May 2006.

Upon his release on the federal charges, Dumont will serve three years of supervised release and be ordered to pay restitution to the U.S. Postal Service for the full amount.

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