ALFRED — By the time Angel Dapolito finished the ninth grade, she knew that marijuana trafficking supported her household.

Angel Dapolito, now 20, took the stand this morning in the murder trial of her father, Patrick Dapolito. He is accused of fatally shooting his wife, 30-year-old Kelly Winslow, in their Limington home in 2010.

If convicted of murder, Patrick Dapolito, 41, will face 25 years to life in prison.

The defendant initially told authorities he had been high on cocaine when the couple had gone to sleep on the bathroom floor and that the gun in his hand had accidentally gone off.

Patrick Dapolito later told authorities that he was a drug dealer and that Winslow was the victim of a dispute he had with suppliers. He said he had gone to a store and that she was dead when he returned home.

The defense began presenting its case this morning.

Angel Dapolito, the first witness for the defense, said that her father and Winslow tended to their drug business in a structured manner. They were very organized and made shipments on a regular basis, she said.

Angel Dapolito said that the couple became anxious and fearful in the summer of 2009. Money was moved out of the house, she was given a thumb drive – a small digital storage device – that was described to her as her life insurance and she discovered a will in the garage, she said. The couple also began traveling frequently and bought a Doberman Pinscher for protection, she said.

Angie Dapolito said she started hearing knocking, banging and scratching sounds around the house at night.


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