Barack Obama’s State of the Union address touched upon every issue that concerns me as an American.

It was a positive and uplifting message that pointed out our best attributes and means for moving our nation forward to its rightful role in leading both economically and as a beacon of democracy.

The only barrier that was obviously present was the U.S. Congress, the do-nothing group that remains deadlocked and ineffectual.

The sad truth, even pointed out by our president, is that in an election year little gets done because our representatives put their re-election ahead of what is in the best interest of our country.

They just do not get it. We, the people, do not give a darn if they keep their jobs; we care about every American now on unemployment.

I encourage everyone to push for term limits, a flat tax for everyone with no deductions, no pork barrel items allowed to be added to bills, no bridges to nowhere, and no sweetheart deals made by politicians to supporters.

I do not believe we are a nation that wants to take from the rich and redistribute their wealth. All I want is to ensure a level playing field where the richest 1 percent cannot control the laws of the land by buying politicians to push through tax breaks and bills that provide them an unfair advantage.

I don’t want my elected officials to be able to use insider information to buy and sell on Wall Street. I want them subject to the same laws as the rest of us.

It’s time that our elected officials begin working for the whole nation and not just their supporters. Their responsibility is to ensure the security and common good of all Americans.

Larry Hibbard


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