I do not like having the wool pulled over my eyes. I like straightforward deals that are out in the open for all to see. I am sure most people feel the same way. The more I read about renewable energy scams in Maine, the more it irks me.

Why can’t the wind industry just come clean and tell us what is going on behind the scenes? I think I know the answer: If we knew the truth about renewable energy and what it will cost the consumers, no one would want it.

Who can afford to pay higher electric bills than they pay right now? A better question is: Why would anyone want to pay a higher electric bill?

The object should be lowering our electricity costs here in Maine. At the very least, we consumers should have a choice about the source of our electricity. We should have the option to opt out of renewable energy if we don’t wish to pay higher rates for electricity.

Many people are struggling to pay their bills as it is. Why place more of a burden on them?

This so-called green, renewable energy is a scam whose time has passed. I am all for looking at alternatives to wind and solar. Maine can and should do better than this.

Linda Miller

Lexington Township

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