The Republican party has picked the elephant as its mascot. There couldn’t be a better fit.

Elephants spend their time rolling in the dirt, stomping on all that gets in their way or standing around in zoos so people can stare at them.

All of the above suits the GOP to a tee. The GOP rolls in the dirt of corruption and trods on the old, the poor, the sick and disabled.

The fuel assistance program was cut by two-thirds, and they want to cut medical assistance at the same time they subsidize the richest in our country. Our own governor has proposed cutting MaineCare.

If the rich have any patriotism left in them, they should help the country that made them rich, but it seems greed overrides every other option.

I have been an independent voter since I turned 21. I try to vote for the best person for the job. After I have watched what the GOP is doing to my country, I will never vote Republican again.

Richard Tozier


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