Finally, Super Bowl Sunday is here. The longest two weeks of the year are the 14 days between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl.

A lot of the talk the last two weeks has revolved around how close this game could be. Very little separates the New England Patriots and the New York Giants, and fans anticipate one of the closest Super Bowls.

Still, that might not be enough to get some of you into the game. So, for you folks, we present this game. You and a friend each pick a team. If any of the following things happen, give yourself the points listed, or take away points as necessary.

Clip this column, bring it to your Super Bowl party, and keep score.


* For every mention of David Tyree. minus 5 points.

* Rodney Harrison loses his mind on air over all the mentions of David Tyree, 25 points. If Harrison slugs Dan Patrick or Tony Dungy. 50 points.

* Highlights from one of New England’s three Super Bowl victories. 3 points.

* Julian Edelman intercepts a pass. 15 points.

* Wes Welker has seven catches. 10 points.

* Rob Gronkowski scores a touchdown. 5 points. But he aggravates his sprained ankle when he spikes the football. minus 5 points.

* A shot of Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft and/or his family. 3 points.

* A closeup of the “MHK” patch the Patriots wear in honor of Myra Kraft. 5 points.

* Vince Wilfork is caught on camera playing air drums to the Phil Collins classic “In The Air Tonight.” 30 points.

* BenJarvus Green-Ellis runs for 100 yards. 15 points.


* Justin Tuck gets a sack, and quietly accepts congratulations from his teammates and prepares for the next play. 10 points.

* For every mention of David Tyree. 5 points.

* Gratuitous shot of Archie, Peyton or any member of the Manning family who is not Eli. minus 5 points.

* Victor Cruz scores a touchdown and does a salsa dance that earns him a spot on the next “Dancing With the Stars.” 10 points.

* Eli Manning makes the Manning Face. You know the one, where he looks like he just swallowed a galloon of pickle brine. minus 5 points.

* Ahmad Bradshaw rips off a 20-yard run. 10 points.

* Mario Manningham, who has been invisible for most of the game, makes one of his incredible third down-and-forever catches to keep a drive alive. 20 points.

* Lawrence Tynes nails a 45-yard field goal. 5 points.

* Chris Collinsworth accidentally calls Osi Umenyiora Jason Pierre-Paul. minus 5 points.

* The Giants sack Brady five times. 20 points. At least one of them is by Antrel Rolle on a safety blitz. 10 points.


* Kelly Clarkson messes up the National Anthem. 3 points.

* Madonna sings “Like a Prayer” during the halftime show. 3 points.

* One of your buddies says “When are they gonna let Pearl Jam do the halftime show?” 10 points.

* You tell somebody to pipe down so you can hear the commercials. minus 3 points.

Travis Lazarczyk — 861-9242

[email protected]


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