I’m tired of the political status quo and the insider corporate influence and control. Things need to change.

I’m almost broke trying to sustain the 1 percent and tired of a government that protects and subsidizes these greedy thieves who want to own/rule the world.

Ron Paul is not part of that crowd. It’s wonderfully amusing, his lack of funding from corporate and political action groups. He’s not a corporate puppet. He’s a doctor, and we can trust him to stand up for us, not for any corporate or political sponsors. I wonder if the Hippocratic oath is applicable to his political effort? Could we trust him with our very lives? I think so.

I was glad he spoke at Colby College on Jan. 27. If nothing else, he’s an upfront, straight-shooting guy. It was exciting to have him speak so close to home. There’s a lot of hard work ahead.

Dean DeWitt

China Village

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