People need to stop casting stones of judgment about things we do not know or have investigative results about.

Dale McCormick has asked OPEGA to conduct a review of the Maine State Housing Authority. So Treasurer Bruce Poliquin just echoed what McCormick already had requested. Yet instead of respectfully waiting for results, he continues these media-directed rants and accusations.

The Maine Heritage Policy Center goes on another smear campaign, claiming the Finance Authority of Maine dragged its feet in responding to its Freedom of Information request. It asked for thousands of documents, all of which needed to be checked and confidential information blacked out. I bet that took hundreds of hours.

Lance Duston thinks he’s in the big league now so he can huff and puff and blow MSHA down. I thought we lived in America, where all people are presumed innocent until proved otherwise.

It really angers me that these people get to lob mean, speculative, cruel, sexist insults just because they can. I say before we, the people of Maine, get on their bandwagon, let’s know the facts.

The truth will set everyone free, and the proof will, once and for all, either show them for petty politicians or truth tellers. In the meantime, we all need to calm down the rhetoric for a bit. After all, we are talking about careers, reputations and, most importantly, lives and families.

Penny Plourde


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