American medical costs are roughly twice those of the average developed country, yet those other countries also have incurred the costs of increased technology and knowledge cited in Phyllis Hyde’s Jan. 23 Maine Compass.

The CIA world facts book shows that Americans have shorter life expectancies than the people of 49 other countries, and that our infant mortality rate is higher than that of 46 others. We also have a larger percentage of our population with no or very inadequate insurance.

Millions of American families are one serious illness away from medical bankruptcy.

These dismal figures, which may be checked easily on the Internet, are not the result of poorly trained medical professionals, but result from a poorly designed health care system.

Congress could fix this, but blinded by ideology and million and millions of dollars from health care providers, will not do so until voters send a clear message: Design a better system, or they will no longer be members of Congress.

Edward Riggs


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