WATERVILLE — Colby College says an investigation into a November incident involving sexual misconduct and the football team has led to more than a dozen students being suspended or withdrawing altogether from the college.

Colby College says 15 students were cited for a range of violations of student policy including sexual misconduct, sexual harassment and lying to college officials.

Michael Kiser, vice president for communications, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that cases against 14 of the students have been adjudicated, and one remaining case is pending. He says “a couple” of students withdrew, and the others were given suspensions of varying lengths.

The investigation began on Nov. 5 when a female student at the college learned that a number of football players had intentionally watched through a window as she engaged in consensual oral sex with one of their teammates, according to The Colby Echo, the school’s student newspaper.

On Nov. 8, football Coach Ed Mestieri said that he would resign from his eight-year post as head coach if members of his team were found guilty of the charges being brought against them.

He resigned 10 days later.

Some of the students were also cited for hindering an internal investigation, according to President William Adams.


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