Brian Souchet, Bob Emrich and Carroll Conley’s support of “traditional” marriage has flawed facts and assumptions.

Souchet, of the Roman Catholic Diocese, said, “Marriage is an institution that cannot be arbitrarily redefined to accommodate adult desires for public affirmation or state-sponsored benefits.” He claimed a 2009 poll predicted the vote would be 53 percent in favor of gay marriage without identifying the poll. Equality Maine’s poll was right on 47-53, mirroring the results. It now shows 54-46, and that result is what we expect.

Carroll Conley of the Civic League indicated that various cultures and faiths have recognized heterosexual marriage as the ideal. It also is true, however, that various cultures have recognized, respected and even honored gay people. Many Native American tribes admired their homosexual members, who were the keepers of the ancient spiritual and traditional stories of creation, healing and growth.

Emrich said, “Why change by ballot what marriage actually is, what it means?” His marriage would not be affected one whit.

Marriage equality would have a positive effect on many people who fight our wars, lead our communities and serve our public in every profession.

The Unitarian-Universalist faith, along with many other faiths, supports gay rights and wants to marry these couples. Why should some faiths interfere with other faiths? Let the state government issue marriage licenses.

Ellis McKeen

West Gardiner

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