FARMINGDALE — For the second winter in a row, the town is buying additional salt to spread on its roads after winter storms.

The town has decided to buy another 66 tons of salt from New England Salt Co. of Winterport for $4,290.

The town’s winter road maintenance contractor, Ellis Construction, has already bought about $6,200 worth of salt, but ran out.

Angie Ellis, of Ellis Construction, told selectmen recently that the company’s contract with the town requires that it buy 32 tons of straight salt. She said the company has already gone through the salt and bought an additional 64 tons out of pocket, which it has used as well.

“We always salt the hills and tougher areas in town,” Ellis said. “That’s how we fight this ice.”

Ellis suggested the town buy more salt at $65 per ton.

According to its contract with the town, Ellis Construction is required to determine what’s needed during the winter and is responsible for supplying additional salt/sand mixture when needed.

Board of Selectmen member David Sirois reviewed the contract and said the company is only responsible for buying 32 tons of salt, so the town has to pick up the additional tab.

Town officials said several residents complained last year of slippery hills and roads, so Ellis Construction stockpiled more salt and sand mixture this year.

The town spent about $5,500 last winter to buy additional salt.

Ellis suggested the town look into buying straight salt instead of a salt and sand mixture in future contracts because it is less expensive and other town officials have said it is more effective.

Ellis Construction is in the second year of a three-year contract to plow and sand the town’s roads and sidewalks.

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