I was certainly floored by the audacity of Gay Grant’s letter (“Bishops should not insert politics into Mass,” Feb. 4).

What a slur against our Bishop Richard Malone and church teaching. Does she actually think the church has no business informing its people about something so inherently evil as this Obama mandate?

This is especially true since some of the health plans must provide coverage of contraceptives that include abortifacients.

Even some Jews and evangelicals stand with the church on this issue. In an article in The Wanderer (Jan. 12), these non-Catholics make it abundantly clear that Catholics are not the only groups opposed to this contraceptive order.

The easy answer is that “progressive Catholics” of today do not feel constrained by the teaching authority of the church to which they claim to belong. They wish to pick and choose to follow only those things that appeal to them.

I assume there is another official source that governs their lives — perhaps “the survey says.” Consequently, numbers and surveys become the primary basis on which they make their decisions, not objective truth.

If Grant has been a Catholic for 32 years, why hasn’t she understood what the Catholic Church taught in “Humanae Vitae” (more than 44 years ago) and its profound and consistent proclamation against artificial birth control?

Strong vocal dissent, however, has marked the lives of entire generations, and she apparently has fallen victim.

We must understand what it means to be Catholic. We must make it our job to know.

Pat Truman


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