SACO — Two men and a woman were arrested after a five-hour standoff late Monday night into early this morning, police said.

Police said they went to a house on Ferry Road to check on Christian Decker, 20, to make sure he was complying with the conditions of his release on bail for two drug charges.

Deputy Chief Jeffrey Holland said Decker has “an extensive history for becoming combative or fleeing from police,” so officers covered front and rear entrances to the house.

According to police, through windows they saw Decker; Damien Tilman, 21, of Biddeford; and Stormie Kehling, 21, of Saco, apparently taking drugs, so they knocked on the door and announced themselves, but no one inside responded initially.

Police said Decker eventually spoke with officers through a closed door, but police also saw the three drawing the shades, turning off lights and moving furniture to block the doors.

According to Holland, the officers also heard someone saying they would “smoke them if they come in the door,” so the officers called for more backup.

After unsuccessfully negotiating with Decker to surrender, Holland said, the officers forced their way into the house and arrested the three.

Decker was charged with violating conditions of release, creating a police standoff, possession of drugs and obstructing government administration. He was taken to York County Jail and is scheduled to appear in York County Superior Court on April 5th.

Tilman and Kehling were each charged with creating a police standoff, obstructing government administration and falsifying evidence.

Tilman posted $500 bail at the Saco police station, was released and is scheduled to appear in Biddeford District Court on April 25. Kehling was unable to post the $250 bail and was taken to York County Jail. She is also scheduled to appear in Biddeford District Court on April 25.

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