Mitt Romney doesn’t care about the poor. Newt Gingrich says he’ll make the moon the 51st state after his second term. Gov. Paul LePage wants to close schools and threatens to shut down Department of Health and Human Services programs.

He also wants to cut MaineCare to 65,000 people, but in the meantime give tax breaks to the wealthiest of Mainers. He’s in lock step with the rest of the Republicans across the country. Pick on the defenseless and suck up to the rich.

Melody Weeks (letter, Feb. 2) had it right: Cut salaries for our supposed representatives we elect to serve our best interest.

This state needs jobs. When people are working, families don’t fight over money. They don’t have so much time on their hands to sit around and try to figure out how to make ends meet. Having a job and being able to pull your own weight gives a person self-respect.

I’m sure if the people of this state were working, domestic violence and robberies would decrease.

We elected people because they promised to create jobs. Well, where are they? I’d sure love to be working.

Instead of removing murals and trying to bust unions, Gov. Paul LePage should refocus his efforts on giving hope and a paycheck to all Maine people. He shouldn’t take money away from people who have nothing to begin with. He shouldn’t worry about unemployment fraud when we’re lower than the national average.

He should stick to the real problem: Getting people back to work.

LePage can stop patting himself on the back about how he was homeless and abused as a child. Everyone has a story. He should do what he was elected to do. Put Mainers to work.

Jeff Hunter


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