WATERVILLE — Police are looking for a woman whose black dog reportedly bit a Colby College student Feb. 9 on the cross country ski trails on campus.
The dog bite was not considered serious but the student, a female, is undergoing a series of rabies shots and may be able to discontinue the shots if it can be ascertained the dog has had its shots, according to Deputy police Chief Charles Rumsey.
Rumsey said the woman, whose dog is believed to be a black Labrador retriever, is described as being in her mid-40s to mid-60s in age. Her dog was off the leash when it bit the Colby student, who was skiing at the time, Rumsey said.
“We’re asking for the public’s help, and certainly we understand accidents happen and it’s unfortunate, but what we really want to do is identify this person — and the dog — and make sure the dog has had its shots, “ Rumsey said Wednesday.
Anyone who owns a dog of that description and was walking it Feb. 9 around 12:15 p.m. on the cross-country ski trails at Colby, or knows of someone who was, is asked to call the Police Department at 680-4700, or Colby Security at 859-5530, Rumsey said.
He said the cross country ski trails are located near the Colby baseball fields and concert shell which are accessible if one enters campus from North Street and looks to the left.
“The dog ran up and bit the student on her left calf,” Rumsey said. “It wasn’t what we would consider a serious bite but it did puncture her skin on the left calf and the woman who had the dog apologized and said basically that the dog never bites and has had all its shots. The student took her skis off and the woman put the dog on the leash and left the area.”
Because the student was unable to get the dog owner’s information, police were unable to verify the dog has had its shots and the student has had to undergo a series of rabies shots, Rumsey said.
The case is being investigated by Animal Control Officer Christopher Martinez, he said.

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