I do not have all the answers, but feel that it is unconscionable for the governor to insist that those adults who do not have children should be axed from MaineCare, the state’s Medicaid program, in effect, canceling the only coverage they have.

What is Paul LePage thinking? He, obviously, does not have all the answers, either. Why doesn’t he let the process take its course through the Legislature, and see what other possibilities arise from a group of talented lawmakers?

The incomes of individuals the governor is targeting all fall beneath the federal poverty level.

They are not a special interest, they do not even have children. They are alone, and often do not have much access to the process of being governed. They are not a loud constituency in the public forum and can be easily ignored, bypassed, or in this case, seemingly targeted by our chief executive.

Are not we as a society judged by how we care for the least lucky among us? Shouldn’t we be? I think so.


Cynthia Murray-Beliveau


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