I’m flabbergasted at the thought that our nation seems to be gearing up for more wars: against Iran and against Syria. We’re still stuck in a quagmire in Afghanistan.

Have we all gone nuts? We can’t afford it! The same people who are griping about the terrible deficit are trumpeting new wars. How do they think we will pay for these wars? From whom do they propose to borrow the money, and at what cost to the unmet needs of our people.

We can’t afford our schools, our police forces. Our roads and bridges are shot. We hear endless discussion of the terrible fact that a few people might get health care and about how expensive that would be. It’s somehow assumed that health care coverage would turn us into European Socialists.

Instead we seem to be emulating the Roman empire. We all gather to watch the gladiators while our government runs amok all over the world.

It’s time for out troops to come home. If we can afford to hire contractors to pursue our wars for us, maybe we can use that money to care for our own citizens instead.

Maybe we can use that money to educate scientists who can develop alternative energy systems. Maybe we can build these energy systems instead of building unmanned drones, bombs and guns. Maybe we can export something more useful than tear gas.

Abby Shahn, Solon

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