The gay marriage issue will soon be back, but what impact will it have on parents and their children?

If gay marriage passes, I’m afraid gay parents will tell their children that all married couples are now equal in all aspects, including our sex lives. This of course isn’t true, but they will indoctrinate our children anyway with this belief and teach homosexuality in our schools whether we like it or not, and we’ll be paying for it.

Our sex lives will be equal only when same-sex couples can create life naturally. This disparity between fact and fiction, however, will be the crux of the dissension that will exist forever between our children and theirs. Innocent children on both sides of the issue will be trapped.

Gay people aren’t being denied one thing. Everything that they have been fighting for is now available to them in seven other states, and five of those are right here in New England.

So if we approve gay marriage, all that we’ll be doing is making it convenient for them so they won’t have to move to get what they want. Consequently, there’s not one good reason to expose our children to any misleading or immoral teachings.

Further, come November, voting really won’t be about gay marriage, it will be all about their convenience, at the expense of innocent children, versus us protecting the children.

Do we keep Maine the way life should be, or change it all for them?

Terrence C. Casey


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