Kudos to the governor and the commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services for knowing that serious steps need to be taken to correct the budget issues at DHHS.

I am also glad to see they understand the importance of controlling the distribution of funds to people capable of working, but who instead are getting checks from welfare.

It is not apparent to me that the Legislature, particularly the Democrats, understand the importance of the actions necessary to make Maine a “working” community rather than a “welfare state.”

Just getting “consensus” is not what is needed. That is an excuse to not fulfilling their legislative responsibility.

Don’t forget that there are many people dedicating their lives (and sometimes losing their lives) to protect our freedoms. They at least deserve a better effort from the Maine Legislature.

It’s time for ethics and morality. Are they in it for the next election or for getting Maine’s finances in order?

Mike Swanholm


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