WATERVILLE — Motorists can say good-bye to bumpy, potholed roads this summer as workers tackle some of the worst in the city.

Eustis Parkway and Colby Circle, as well as North, Temple, Chaplin and Water streets, are among those that will be improved.

Ticonic, May, Linden, Donald and Vigue streets in the city’s North End also are slated for upgrades.

“It’s going to be a busy summer,” Public Works Director Mark Turner said Wednesday.

City councilors this week took initial votes to spend up to $139,000 from the downtown tax increment financing account for work on Temple and Chaplin streets, as well as Colby Circle. The city will collaborate with the state Department of Transportation on those roads as part of the Municipal Partnership Initiative.

Turner estimates the project, which will include the three streets, will cost $245,000.

Eustis Parkway, one of the most talked about streets in the city in terms of its condition, will also be improved.

The state project will cover the length of the parkway, from Main to North Street, and then continue up North to the intersection of County Road and Mayflower Hill, Turner said.

“There’s going to be extensive upgrades there,” he said.

The state also is seeking bids on a project to improve Carter Memorial Drive, from Kennedy Memorial Drive to China Road, he said.

A city-state project approved in September for Water and Grove streets in the city’s South End will be continued.

“We did a base coat for Grove Street this fall; now we’re going to go back and finish it up, probably in May,” Turner said. “Water Street will be improved. It’s going to beautiful when it’s done.”

City councilors this week approved an $81,355 amended contract to Pike Industries, Inc., of Fairfield, to install a curbed sidewalk on the north side of Grove Street, from Water to Summer Street and to the entrance of Maine State Credit Union.

Plans are to eventually extend the sidewalk to Silver Street and Kennedy Memorial Drive, Turner said.

Preliminary plans call for making improvements in 2013 to Silver Street near Gifford’s Famous Ice Cream and to put a crosswalk on Silver Street to make it safer for pedestrians.

Contractors will be hired to do the road improvements scheduled for this summer, according to Turner. He said the city hopes to do some in-house projects as well, including sidewalk upgrades on Columbia Road and Hazelwood Avenue and possibly on part of Gold Street.

City Manager Michael Roy said Wednesday that the road work scheduled for the summer continues the city’s three- to four-year program to improve city roads.

“We fixed our worst roads first and are continuing to make progress,” he said.

Roy said the city’s partnering with the state through the Municipal Partnership Initiative has accomplished more work than was planned.

“We’re not going to stop with these projects. We’re going to continue,” he said.

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