HALLOWELL — Spectrum Generations, the William S. Cohen Community Center, has announced its recent bridge and cribbage winners.

Cribbage winners on Feb. 6 were Margaret Rickett and Lydia Day, who placed first; Cliff Brawn and Bob Atkins, second; Lloyd Mudie and Elaine Fuller, third; and Norman Vellieux and Wayne Curtis, fourth. High hand went to Wayne Curtis.

Bridge winners on Feb. 2 were Laura Chandler, who placed first; Bob Chandler, second; Lou Ashland, third; and Rose Hinckley, fourth.

Game day bridge winners on Feb. 1 were Lou Ashland, who placed first; Gene Murray, second; and Edith Falcone

Duplicate bridge winners announced

AUGUSTA — The Augusta Duplicate Bridge Club has announced its recent winners.

Winners on Feb. 9 were Janet Arey and Pat Updegraff, Diane Bishop and Norma Blazer, Lynn Macleod and Ken Morrison, and Jim Elliott and Dennis Purington.

Feb. 8 winners were John Erdman and Jane Elliott, Linda Leotsakos and Paul Mitnik, and Rosemarie Goodwin and Sharron Hinckley.