Sen. Roger Katz’ Maine Compass on Feb. 23, “Sussman’s link to papers raises questions of news integrity,” is about Donald Sussman’s purchase of stock in and his seat on the Board of the company that produces some Maine newspapers, including the Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel.

Katz calls attention to the pressure that will be felt by the newspaper editors and reporters to slant stories because of their knowledge that Sussman is an owner and board member.

Katz wrote it would be “sad” not to have an unbiased source of news.

Newspapers always will be owned by someone. And some owners will have taken public positions on matters reported on in their paper. The owners may even have purchased their interest just so the paper can be their voice on issues of public concern. Some owners will be married to politicians.

Reporters and editors will know all of these things. And the change in ownership and board membership doesn’t alter any of this.

Katz doesn’t persuade me that the potential for bias is any greater now.

Powers McGuire


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