I’m intolerant. And I’m going to get more intolerant.

I refuse to suffer fools kindly.

I will not let my friends, family or congregation be called perverts, pedophiles, mentally ill or disease carriers without responding strongly.

I will not extend tolerance to anyone who calls my religion a cult.

While intellectual disability can’t be helped, radical conservatives and evangelicals choose their own ignorance. There is science aplenty with accurate definitions about what gay people are and are not, what they do or don’t do. Radicals, however, choose to believe long-disproven, non-scientific deliberately misinterpreted studies, detailing the many dangers of being gay.

If you’re being a jerk, don’t expect me to be nice, because I won’t be. If you’re slamming my beliefs or my friends and family, don’t expect me to respond with polite language, because I won’t. When you quote disproven and/or discredited studies, don’t expect me to accept or respect them, because I won’t.

If you tell me same-sex marriage will lead to men wanting to marry their dogs, I’ll tell you that you need to find a good therapist. (And then I’ll have your dog removed from your home!)

When you get your information from anti-gay websites or associations that have been declared as hate groups, don’t expect me to give it any credence, because I won’t.

Don’t tell me your religion is against same-sex marriage, and think that ends the argument. My religion respects respectful, loving, committed marriage between two consenting adults. And your religion doesn’t outrank my religion. Civil marriage isn’t subject to religion, anyway.

So anytime anyone uses the phrase “the oh-so tolerant left” (dripping with sarcasm), I will declare, loud and proud, yes, I am intolerant and proud of it.

Maggie Ricker


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