What’s all the fuss about a photo ID for someone to vote?

A person will have to prove who he is when he originally registers. And perhaps a few times when he votes. After a person has lived in that town for several years, they are not going to ask him because they know him.

Now, let’s look and see where you have to show a photo ID:

When you get a hunting license, when you purchase a gun, when you use a credit card. Most stores require you to show a photo ID when you want to cash a check if the clerks do not know you.

Many jobs require it, even fast-food restaurants. When you take an ACT/SAT and other professional exams, it’s required.

Some places require it when you get married. Your first visit to a doctor in many cases. It’s necessary to sell real estate in many states. You certainly have to show it when winning a large lottery. Buying cigarettes and alcohol. Ordering liquor in a pub or restaurant, if you look too young. Go to a Patriots game and order a beer, and, regardless of how old you are, they will ask for a photo ID .

We can add applying for food stamps, housing, welfare checks, unemployment checks, Social Security, etc.

It’s required for plane, train and cruise trips. At many concerts around the country, you cannot get in unless you show a photo ID. Your first visit to a pharmacy will sometimes require you to show a photo ID.

Photo identification is required in many cases when you open a bank account and withdraw money. I’m sure there are many other instances where you have to show photo identification.

I would have no problem showing a photo ID in order to vote.

Roland Preble, Gardiner

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