Today, our community and country will celebrate a unique birthday. On that date in 1931, President Herbert Hoover signed Public Law 823, which established the Star Spangled Banner as our national anthem.

The American Legion went on record at its national convention supporting the birthday of this special music with a national day of observance.

We have all heard versions of the national anthem sung with disrespect or “artistic interpretation” that has, on limited occasions, angered many of us.

It is our fervent hope that, as we commemorate the origin and meaning of the singing of our national anthem, that its reverence will be respected by all who generously donate their talent in leading us at public events in singing the Star Spangled Banner.

Today, let us revisit the origin of this work (a poem written bt Francis Scott Key on Sept. 14, 1814) and appreciate the blood and sacrifice that enabled America to become the “home of the brave.”

One little-known fact: In the poem’s fourth stanza, Key urged the adoption of “In God is our Trust” as the national motto.

It was enacted in 1956.


Don Demers, historian

American Legion Post 205


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