I confess to having lived in Maine for only six years, but when I first moved here I don’t recall hearing the high-pitched whine from the Republican minority in state government such as the one currently coming from the left.

In fact, I think I can recall actual teamwork across the aisle. But that all changed when the Democrat machine that has devolved prosperity into despair during the last 40 years was finally pushed aside by the voters yearning for reform.

Thank God for Gov. Paul LePage. He has single-handily pushed both sides off dead center and forced them to defend their philosophies in public.

The scandals at the Department of Health and Human Services and the Maine Turnpike Authority have been uncovered, and the Medicaid disaster and its consequences finally have been spotlighted.

LePage and his administration are motivators who have shaken up the “good old boy” mentality in Augusta by forcing the Legislature to actually deal with problems decisively instead of foisting them off on future administrations.

There is actually good news here; the governor is actually doing his job and all of us should be thankful.

Jerry Bono


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