As a mother of a fifth grader, I am concerned that Hall-Dale is being considered as a model for education reform, “Parents Concerned about Standards Based Grading” (Feb. 27).

Because Hall-Dale’s standards-based plan has been implemented and “reset” three times in three years with no evaluation plan, I have looked data collected by the state to see how we are doing.

According to last May’s SAT scores for Hall-Dale’s current senior class, for the first time in several years, we are below the state average in all areas — critical reading, mathematics and writing. In writing 37 percent of our students are “substantially below” (in SAT scores that is below 340 out of 800 — you get 200 points for writing you name) and 25 percent are “partially proficient” (below 440).

So 62 percent of our students do not meet the standard and scored a 440 or below on the SAT in writing.

For the last three years, that is an increase in “substantially below proficient” from 16 percent to 21 percent to 37 percent. A 21 percent increase for the worst in writing alone. Math and critical reading scores are similar.

These are shocking scores for any school system, but particularly so for a school system who is being touted as the “model” for standards-based education.

Why would anyone look to Hall-Dale as a model? Ask for facts before your school system implements this.

Maria Fuentes


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