Persons lacking self-respect are incapable of imparting respect. They lack “inner means of support.” Although the space between the ears may earn a passing grade, the belly and heart fail to possess self-worth, inspiration for self-achievement; a sort of “four-wheel” internal drive to succeed.

Following attendance at a local basketball game, topped off with dinner, when my wife and I were about to exit the restaurant parking lot, two vehicles were parked side by side, blocking the exit we were to use. We used the remaining exit.

While this event is not the biggest deal in the world, it exemplifies something my 80 years of age recognizes: Decency for one another is on the wane.

Chances are that while we can point fingers at the problem, it’s become bigger than we can handle. When the young faces of my six grandchildren come to mind, my eyes mist up.

In my early years, the two places I considered safe, besides home, were churches and schools.

Nowadays, parents pray their children survive terror visited on the education process. Churches I used to visit during the day, for a sense of support, often are locked these days. Little wonder, given a church I once regularly attended in Franklin County suffered theft of the crucifix over the altar.

At birth, innocence is the trait. Over time, innocence takes a back seat to particulars parents instill.

All too often, however, society is becoming the parental mode; and the track it’s on has a future filled with crossings.

John Benoit


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