Poor Norridgewock is caught in the glare of the headlines again.

The office clerk has been fired for taping conversations at the front desk, in defiance of a previous order from her supervisor to cease and desist.

The same office clerk, in her position as the town’s elected treasurer, has failed in her fiduciary duties to protect the assets of the town by refusing to file liens on properties with outstanding sewer bills.

Where in her job description does it say she has the right to discriminate against the taxpayers who do pay their bills and ignore the filing of liens on those who do not pay? Who are those residents with special privileges?

In her position of town clerk, she cannot conduct elections because she is on the ballot for a position as selectman. However, she handpicks her deputy and the ballot clerks who will oversee the process and count the ballots and supervises the deputy in handling absentee ballots. All of which is legal.

In response, this person files an age discrimination complaint. Is she 66 or 6? Hard to tell from the behavior.

Doesn’t this just give you a warm feeling of confidence in the election process? Are you ready to have these positions be appointed rather than elected?

Elizabeth Lint


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